BOSTON - APRIL 19: Participants run down Boylston Street toward the finish line during the 114th Boston Marathon on April 19, 2010 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

2011 Pittsburgh Marathon: Jeffrey Eggleston, Yihunlish Bekele Delelecha Place First

The Pittsburgh Marathon will begin at 7:00 AM Sunday morning.

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Pittsburgh Marathon 2011 Results: Jeffrey Eggleston Wins In Men's Field, While Mistake Mixes Up Women's Field

Here are more details on the results of the 2011 Pittsburgh Marathon, which took place Sunday. Jeffrey Eggleston was supposed to pace the men's Olympic trial qualifying time, but ended up winning the marathon with a time of two hours, 16 minutes and 40 seconds. Several runners in the race had beaten that time by several minutes at various points in their lives, but none would do so on Sunday.

Having already qualified for the 2012 Olympic Trials, Eggleston was brought in by race organizers to help [Nik] Schweikert and Boaz Cheboiywo, a native of Kenya who became a U.S. citizen last year, do the same.

"Most of the time a lot of the runners are focusing on another race, and that's why they rabbit," Sarver said. "I think Jeff was using (Pittsburgh) as a tune-up, but sometimes when training is going that well and you're hitting on all cylinders, you say, 'OK, I'm going to concentrate on this race and bag the other one.' I'm glad he did."

Schweikert and Cheboiywo both missed the qualifying time of two hours and 19 minutes.

Yihunlish Bekele Delelecha was the top woman finisher with a time of two hours, 35 minutes and 36 seconds. The rest of the women's results were affected by a bizarre incident in which a runner who had registered for the half marathon ended up running the entire marathon, and finishing second.

Although originally awarded second place -- and the $4,000 check that went with it -- she was later disqualified. Because of language barriers and conflicting reports, it wasn't immediately clear why or how [Alemtsehay] Misganaw ran the full distance.

When the problem was brought to the attention of race director Patrice Matamoros, she said it was complicated, that race officials wanted to do what was fair for Misganaw and Serkalem Abrha, who finished less than 20 seconds behind Misganaw. Matamoros said race officials would consult with USA Track & Field.

Abrha, who would have received $2,000 had she been awarded third place, moved to second.

Strange. Weirdly, Abrha herself was registered for the full marathon in 2009 and ended up running on the half marathon course, meaning she has now been involved in two separate confusing incidents.

Pittsburgh Marathon Results: Jeffrey Eggleston, Yihunlish Bekele Delelecha Are Winners

The results are in for Sunday morning’s Pittsburgh Marathon. The men’s winner, with an unofficial time of two hours, 16 minutes and 40 seconds, was Jeffrey Eggleston, who actually was a pacer for the event. Eggleston was supposed to run the race at the Olympic qualifying time of two hours and 19 minutes, but it seems no one could keep up with him.

Yihunlish Bekele Delelecha, from Ethiopia, was the women’s winner, with a time of two hours, 35 minutes and 34 seconds. The women’s Olympic “A” qualifying time was two hours and 39 minutes.

Nicholas Kurgat, from Kenya, won the men’s half marathon with a time of one hour, three minutes and three seconds, besting the course record by more than two minutes.

Malika Mejdoub, from Morocco, won the women’s half marathon at one hour, 14 minutes and 28 seconds.

For most runners and walkers, the race, which began at 7:00 AM, is still concluding near Heinz Field and PNC Park.


Pittsburgh Marathon: Event Organizers Have Big Ambitions

The Pittsburgh Marathon is set to begin a few hours from this writing – at 7:00 AM Sunday, or 6:00 for walkers, to be exact – will feature 18,000 participants, but event organizers see the event getting bigger. A lot bigger.

It is the third consecutive year of record entries for the Pittsburgh Marathon, though its participants are spread out between a marathon, a half marathon and a team relay. But where does the Pittsburgh Marathon grow from here?

“If you talk to me,” said race director Patrice Matamoros, “big, big, big.”

Like, 35,000 runners big, almost twice as many as are competing today. All this for a race that, just three years ago, was dormant.

Changes made to the course will allow the race to grow to that 35,000 figure, but before the race can get that big, organizers will have to deal with developing enough staff for the event. Still, the race is growing (the 18,000 set to run on Sunday is up from 10,500 in 2009), and will be a major event in the city on Sunday.

At SB Nation Pittsburgh, we’ll have details on top finishers for the event, so be sure to check in again in late morning.


2011 Pittsburgh Marathon: Pacers To Run At Olympic Qualifying Times

As runners make their way through the Pittsburgh Marathon course on Sunday, they'll be joined by three runners pacers who will run the race at the times required to qualify for the U.S. Olympic Trials. The Post-Gazette profiles these three runners, Jeffrey Eggleston, Tyler McCandless, and Thomas Tisell.

"They're putting a lot of work into this race, into really making it a legitimate qualifier for both the men and the women to get their Olympic Trial standards out of the way," Eggleston said.

"It's kind of an up-and-coming marathon within the U.S. It's something I really wanted to be a part of."

Eggleston, 26, will run the course at two hours and 19 minutes, which is the men's qualifying time. That's about 5:18 per mile. McCandless, who graduated from Penn State, will run at the women's "A" qualifying time of 2:39, while Tisell will run at the women's "B" qualifying time of 2:46.

The race will begin at 7:00 AM Sunday for runners. The course map can be found here.

2011 Pittsburgh Marathon: Times And Parking Information For May 15

Here's the schedule for the Pittsburgh Marathon, which is coming up on May 15. The race will begin at 7:00 AM for runners, and 6:00 AM for walkers. The wheelchair division will begin at 6:50 AM. The half marathon will begin at 7:00 AM for runners and 6:00 AM for walkers, and a Marathon Relay event will take place Sunday at 7:00 AM as well. There is a 5K run on Saturday, May 14 at 8:00 AM. There will also be a one-mile Fun Run for kids at 10:00 AM on Saturday, May 14.

The starting lines for the marathon and half marathon are at 6th Street and Liberty Avenue. The finish lines are between PNC Park and Heinz Field on West General Robinson Street. A map of the course can be found here.

Parking can be found on the North Shore or in downtown garages.The start and finish lines are not far from one another.

Marathon organizers currently have plans to use the Marathon website to notify runners about possible course changes and emergency-preparedness issues.

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