Blue Wins Rain-Shortened Penn State Spring Game 10-0

Penn State holds its annual spring game.

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Penn State Blue-White Game: Matt McGloin Leads Offense

One game does not a spring practice make, but Matt McGloin finished his April toils with a solid performance on Saturday, racking up 109 yards of 5-10 passing in his Blue team's 10-0 win in the Blue-White game at Beaver Stadium.

A redshirt junior in the fall, McGloin completed the most passes of any quarterback and threw the game's only touchdown, a 17-yard toss to receiver Brandon Moseby-Felder at the end of the second quarter. On that scoring drive, McGloin was 3/4 for 59 yards and looked sharp in what were some pretty nasty conditions. 

McGloin, of course, is competing primarily with sophomore Robert Bolden but also Kevin Newsome and Paul Jones for the team's starting quarterback job. Head coach Joe Paterno said before the game that McGloin had a good spring and that there's a "99 percent chance" the winner of the competition will be either he or Bolden. His performance Saturday, clearly the best of all the quarterbacks, only reinforces his chances of getting off the bust first come the fall.

Here are some of McGloin's comments in the media room after the game. Pardon the camera shifting mid-video. Had to make way for the TV cameras to exit.


Blue Team Triumphs In Messy Spring Game

On a wet and dreary day in Happy Valley, the Penn State football team attempted to fight Mother Nature and get it's annual Blue White scrimmage in at Beaver Stadium. The weather proved too much, however, as the game was stopped two minutes into the second half by heavy rain.

Blue team quarterback Matt McGloin, looking to earn the starting quarterback job come the fall, had a solid afternoon given the conditions, finishing with 109 yards on 5-10 passing. He led the game's only touchdown drive at the end of the second quarter, hitting Brandon Moseby-Felder in the near corner of the north endzone for a 17-yard score. Robert Bolden, the team's other starting quarterback candidate, had a rough day finishing 0-5 with an interception.

Moseby-Felder took advantage of his playing time to finish as the leading receiver with 31 yards on two catches. He also found himself targeted by the quarterbacks on a couple of incompletions as well, adding to what was an already impressive performance in the rain.

Brandon Beachum and Silas Redd tied for a game-high 24 yards rushing. Beachum was more efficient, however, reaching his number in only six carries compared to Redd's nine.

Overall, there was little to take away from this one. It was just too messy and the gameplans were to vanilla for the final stats to mean much of anything. Nevertheless, it was nice to see some of the guys including Beachum, McGoin and Moseby-Felder fight through the weather to have solid halves games.


Penn State Blue-White Game: Action Stopped By Rain In Second Half

Two minutes into the third quarter, the game is called. Blue wins 10-0. Yeesh. We'll have more later.


Penn State Blue-White Game: 2nd Quarter Notes

Penn State fails to get the ball in the endzone, and Evan Lewis is called on to kicked a 20-yard field goal. He converts and Blue now leads White 3-0 in the second quarter.

White responds with a quick gallop for a first down by Brandon Beachum. He had a nice burst up the middle there behind good blocking. He follows it up with another nice run, this one for six on the ensuing first down. Unfortunately, his drive ends with a fumble recovered by Blue.

Blue goes three-and-out with Bolden at QB after the fumble.

Curtis Dukes gets a rush for White on first down and picks up seven. It'll be interesting to see how he fits into the offense in the fall. He's a big guy. White stalls on the drive, though. Tough to watch this right now.

If you thought things were bad here at Beaver Stadium, here's a shot from Northwestern's Welsh-Ryan Field in Evanston.

In for Blue, Matt McGloin hits Justin Brown for a nice gain into White territory. Next, there's a 23-yard pass to Mike Zordich down to the White 17 yardline. Following play is a touchdwon pass to Brandon Moseby-Felder in the near side of the left endzone. It's 10-0 Blue now. McGloin was 3/4 for 59 yards on that drive. He's clearly been the best of the QBs today, even before that drive.

White runs out the clock on the half. We're at the break here in Happy Valley, and it's 10-0 Blue.


Penn State Blue-White Game: 1st Quarter Notes

Hello from Beaver Stadium. We're getting underway here this afternoon in some pretty awful conditions. The flags atop the south endzone are blowing really hard directly from the south and there's a lot of rain, too. Pretty glad I'm in the press box this afternoon and not out there!

Robert Bolden throws an interception on the first play from scrimmage for the Blue team. Certainly not the way he wanted to start the game.

Kevin Newsome gets the start for the White squad, but his offensive squad goes three-and-out on its first possession. Newsome fumbled the snap and was sacked on third down. 

Matt McGloin is in for Blue on its second possession of the game. After a nice gain by Stephfon Green on first down, McGloin hits a nice pattern to the near sideline for a first down. He scrambles for another first, but Stephfon Green fumbles the ball on the ensuing set and White recorvers.

Paul Jones enters for White on its second drive. He misses on his first two passes and his squad goes three-and-out.

On Blue's third drive, Silas Redd is given three straight carries to pick up a first down.  On the next set, however, Bolden, back in the game, misses two passes and Blue is forced to punt. 

Newsome returns for the White team on its third drive. He hits a screen for a first down on first down, but the drive stalls and it stopped by blue on fourth-and-two from the White 45.

With the ball back, Blue's Matt McGloin hits Devon Smith down to the White nine on the final play of the first quarter. CCR "Have You Ever Seen The Rain" blares.


Joe Paterno Press Conference Notes

Joe Paterno held his end-of-spring-practice press conference this afternoon ahead the Blue-White game game at Beaver Stadium. Not a whole lot of news we didn't learn a couple of weeks ago at the mid-spring presser, but here's what Joe had to say.

  • The game today could be cut short depending upon how the weather looks. Paterno expects to stick to the 12-minute quarter set up, but he isn't sure what will happen with the weather.
  • The offensive line has made progress over the past couple of weeks. Paterno said it has a chance to be pretty good come fall.
  • The team won't name a quarterback until the fall but he is "99 percent sure" it will come from the pair of Robert Bolden and Matthew McGloin, both of whom he said had good springs.
  • The defensive line has seen a lot of shuffling during the fall due to injuries to Eric Latimore, Pete Massaro, etc.
  • Paterno doesn't expect the injured Curtis Drake to be ready by the fall.
  • Paul Jones and Kevin Newsome will both have to play their way into serious consideration for the starting quarterback job.
  • Joe was surprised to learn the uniforms are changing, but is pleased they'll be more basic come the fall.

Stay tuned to SB Nation Pittsburgh for live updates from Beaver Stadium and the Blue-White game today.


Penn State Holds Blue-White Game

Penn State football will unofficially kick off its 2011 season today at 2:00 P.M. inside Beaver Stadium when Blue will face White in the Nittany Lions' annual spring game. The forecast for the afternoon is nasty, calling for near-biblical rain during the game and a nice 22-mile-per-hour wind out of the southeast, so conditions will certainly be less than ideal.

A key story line to watch will be the quarterback battle between sophomore Robert Bolden and senior Matthew McGloin, both of whom saw significant time last season and are considered by Joe Paterno to be the front runners for the job this season. It might also be worth keeping an eye on some of the darkhorses for the starting job, including redshirt freshman Paul Jones and junior Kevin Newsome.

Also notable for this game is the significant number of injuries. In addition to tight end Garry Gilliam and defensive lineman Pete Massaro, both expected to miss all of 2011, and Curtis Drake, out with an injured leg and uncertain for 2011, 16 Lions are expected to miss the game with less significant injuries including wide receiver Derek Moye, cornerback D'Anton Lynn and linebacker Nathan Stupar.

Stay tuned to this stream for updates throughout the afternoon.

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