Selection Sunday 2011: Pitt Named No. 1 Seed In Southeast

Three local teams will find out where they stand in the NCAA Tournament this evening.

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Complete 2011 March Madness Bracket

Here’s the complete NCAA Tournament bracket, with the three local teams highlighted in bold. Pitt has the No. 1 seed in the Southeast. WVU has the No. 5 seed in the East and could potentially face Ohio State in its third game. And Penn State has a No. 10 seed and could face San Diego State in its second game.


No. 1 Ohio State vs. No. 16 Texas-San Antonio / Alabama State
No. 8 George Mason vs. No. 9 Villanova
No. 5 West Virginia vs. No. 12 Clemson / UAB
No. 4 Kentucky vs. No. 13 Princeton
No. 3 Syracuse vs. No. 14 Indiana State
No. 6 Xavier vs. No. 11 Marquette
No. 7 Washington vs. No. 10 Georgia
No. 2 North Carolina vs. No. 15 LIU


No. 1 Duke vs. No. 16 Hampton
No. 8 Michigan vs. No. 9 Tennessee
No. 5 Arizona vs. No. 12 Memphis
No. 4 Texas vs. No. 13 Oakland
No. 3 UConn vs. No. 14 Bucknell
No. 6 Cincinnati vs. No. 11 Missouri
No. 7 Temple vs. No. 10 Penn State
No. 2 San Diego State vs. No. 15 Northern Colorado


No. 1 Kansas vs. No. 16 Boston
No. 8 UNLV vs. No. 9 Illinois
No. 5 Vanderbilt vs. No. 12 Richmond
No. 4 Louisville vs. No. 13 Morehead State
No. 3 Purdue vs. No. 14 Saint Peter’s
No. 6 Georgetown vs. USC / Virginia Commonwealth
No. 7 Texas A&M vs. No. 10 Florida State
No. 2 Notre Dame vs. No. 15 Akron


No. 1 Pitt vs. No. 16 UNC – Asheville / Arkansas-Little Rock
No. 8 Butler vs. No. 9 Old Dominion
No. 5 Kansas State vs. No. 12 Utah State
No. 4 Wisconsin vs. No. 13 Belmont
No. 3 BYU vs. No. 14 Wofford
No. 6 St. John’s vs. No. 11 Gonzaga
No. 7 UCLA vs. No. 10 Michigan State
No. 2 Florida vs. No. 15 UC-Santa Barbara


March Madness Schedule: Pitt In Bracket With Florida, BYU, Wisconsin, St. John's

Kansas has the top seed in the Southwest region and will play Boston University in Tulsa. The winner from that game will play the winner of UNLV and Illinois. Moving down the bracket we have Vanderbilt and A-10 champion Richmond. Louisville has the No. 4 seed and will face Morehead State. Notre Dame has the No. 2 seed and will face Akron. Texas A&M has the No. 7 seed and will play Florida State. Purdue is seeded third and will take on Saint Peter’s. Georgetown is seeded sixth and will play either USC or VCU.

This region features three more Big East teams, Notre Dame, Louisville and Georgetown. The Southeast, which will be headed by Pitt, is the last bracket that remains to be announced.

Pitt will play either UNC-Asheville or Arkansas-Little Rock in its first game. Assuming the Panthers win that one, they’ll face either No. 8 Butler or No. 9 Old Dominion. Further down the bracket is No. 5 Kansas State taking on No. 12 Utah State, and No. 4 Wisconsin against No. 13 Belmont.

The No. 2 team in the Southeast will be Florida, which will play No. 15 UC-Santa Barbara. No. 7 UCLA will face No. 10 Michigan State. No. 3 BYU will play No. 14 Wofford. No. 6 St. John’s will play No. 11 Gonzaga.

This looks like a great draw for Pittsburgh.


NCAA Bracket: Penn State Appears To Get No. 10 Seed In West Region

Duke gets the top seed in the West region, playing Hampton in the first game; after that the Blue Devils will play the winner of Michigan and Tennessee. The West Region also features Arizona and Texas. San Diego State will be the No. 2 seed, playing Northern Colorado. Penn State appears to be a No. 10 seed in the region and will play Temple in the first round. It looks like UConn is the third seed, and Cincinnati is the sixth.

Again, this isn’t a bad draw for a local team. (I’m not yet positive the seedings are accurate, but the Nittany Lions are in the same bundle of four with San Diego State, which got a No. 2 seed. That would make Temple and Penn State a No. 7 and No. 10.) Penn State’s first game is very winnable, and while San Diego State would be a tough draw in the next round, I think that’s a better No. 2 seed for Penn State to be facing than, say, Notre Dame, which has been tested all season.

UPDATE: Penn State does, in fact, have the No. 10 seed.


NCAA Bracket 2011: Panthers' Seeding Keeps Them In East

Pitt not only secured a No. 1 seed on Selection Sunday, but they also avoided being shipped out West. This was really a win-win for the Panthers as they picked up a top seed, but they also stayed somewhat close to home.

I didn’t expect Pitt to be as high as the third No. 1 seed, but that certainly benefitted the Panthers. The fourth No. 1 seed, Duke, will play their opening round games at home in North Carolina, but will then head out West. Pitt, meanwhile, will get its later games in the Southeast region and there will be more of a chance fans can travel to those games (should Pitt make it that far, obviously).

Having the third overall No. 1 seed may have given the Panthers the best of both worlds. Nothing is guaranteed, of course, but Pitt may have gotten a slight advantage by staying on the East coast.


2011 March Madness Bracket: West Virginia In East Region

The West Virginia Mountaineers are in the East Region. They’ll play the winner of the first-round matchup between UAB and Clemson in their first game, and if they can win that game they’ll play the winner of Kentucky and Princeton. The Selection Show didn’t name the seed, but it looks like WVU is a No. 5 seed. That’s a fine draw for West Virginia, if that is in fact what their seed is – they could easily have been lower after losing their first game in the Big East Tournament. The Mountaineers could play Ohio State if they win their first two games. The East region also features Syracuse, Xavier, Villanova and Marquette.

With the announcement of Marquette and Villanova, it appears that the Big East will indeed have 11 representatives – Marquette and Villanova were the only two obvious bubble teams in the conference. This is going to be a big day for the Big East.

UPDATE: WVU does, in fact, have the No. 5 seed. The selection show isn't verbally announcing them, but I just noticed their graphics have the seeds listed in the corners.


NCAA Bracket 2011: Pitt Named No. 1 Seed

Need a printable NCAA bracket to fill out for the tournament? Download SB Nation's 2011 March Madness Bracket.

Pitt will be the No. 1 seed in the Southeast. The other three No. 1 seeds will be Ohio State, Kansas and Duke. The Panthers are the third No. 1 seed and would meet Kansas in the Final Four if both teams were to get that far. Pitt’s early departure from the Big East Tournament raised some doubts about whether Pitt would be a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tourney, but Notre Dame got left out in the cold. Ohio State and Kansas were clear choices, and Duke looked like a clear choice as well after the Blue Devils won the ACC championship over North Carolina.

The Selection Show is unfolding slowly, and only the No. 1 seeds have been announced so far. We’ll wait to see who Pitt’s first-round opponent will be, as well as where the West Virginia Mountaineers and Penn State Nittany Lions will be seeded. West Virginia will probably be something like a No. 6 or No. 7 seed, while Penn State will probably be around a No. 11 seed.

For more on Panthers basketball, check out Cardiac Hill.


2011 NCAA Tournament Predictions: Panthers Might Be Better Off Without No. 1 Seed

Pitt is still projected by some as a No. 1 seed and as good as that sounds, Pitt may actually be better off without one.

The Panthers could be shipped off as the No. 1 seed out West and while a top seed would be great, Pitt could be better off by taking the No. 2 seed in the East (New Jersey) region. More fans would obviously be able to travel to see the team if they get past the opening two rounds and Pitt could have somewhat of a home court advantage.

Plus, while there’s certainly some difference between a No. 1 and No. 2 seed, having what could be a home court advantage as a lower seed helps make up for it.

There's also, to a lesser degree, the respect factor. I'm not a big believer in certain things serving as motivation, but Pitt being passed up for a top seed should at least be in the backs of their minds.

Duke, perhaps the team that stands between Pitt and a No. 1 seed, may have clinched a top seed with their blowout win over North Carolina in the ACC Tournament final on Sunday. With that win, they could overtake the Panthers and be shipped out West.

That might be a good thing.


2011 March Madness Predictions: Can NCAA Tournament Take 11 Big East Teams?

SB Nation New York argues that 11 Big East teams will make it into the NCAA Tournament, and it’s hard to disagree. Connecticut, obviously, is in as an automatic qualifier. Pitt and Notre Dame will likely be either No. 1 or No. 2 seeds. Syracuse, St. John’s, Louisville, West Virginia, Cincinnati and Georgetown are certainly in as well. That’s nine.

That leaves Villanova and Marquette as other potential Big East entrants. Villanova fell apart at the end of the season and suffered an embarrassing loss to South Florida in the Big East Tournament. But the Wildcats have wins over Syracuse, West Virginia, Louisville, Cincinnati, Temple, and Marquette, so they’re probably in.

Marquette solidified its standing with wins over Providence and WVU in the Big East Tournament, and before that had wins over Notre Dame, Syracuse, WVU and Connecticut.

I could see as few as nine Big East teams making it to the tournament, but 11 is certainly a possibility.


2011 NCAA Tournament Predictions: Will Pitt Get No. 1 Seed?

Joe Lunardi’s latest Bracketology has the Pitt Panthers as the top seed in the West. Will Pitt still be a top seed when the Selection Sunday show rolls around here in a few hours? Maybe, but Duke, currently a No. 2 seed in the Northeast, currently has a 42-28 lead on UNC in the ACC Championship Game, so the Blue Devils could take over Pitt’s No. 1 seed with a win.

The other three No. 1 seeds are Ohio State, Kansas and Notre Dame.

Lunardi currently has the West Virginia Mountaineers as a No. 6 seed in the West. The Penn State Nittany Lions, meanwhile, are a No. 12 seed in the West. The last four in are Saint Mary’s, Clemson, Virginia Tech and USC, while the first four out are Alabama, Georgia, Boston College and UAB.

All teams will learn of their NCAA Tournament fates tonight at 6:00 PM on the Selection Sunday show on CBS.


Selection Sunday 2011: Pitt, West Virginia, Penn State To Learn Of NCAA Tournament Fates Sunday Evening

Selection Sunday is upon us, as the brackets for the NCAA Tournament will be revealed on Sunday at 6:00 PM on CBS. SB Nation's latest Bracketology still has Pitt as a No. 1 seed, although after their early exit from the Big East Tournament, whether the Panthers will actually get a No. 1 seed remains to be seen:

Pitt is competing against Notre Dame, Duke and North Carolina for the final two No. 1 seeds. Ohio State and Kansas likely locked up No. 1 seeds with their strong regular seasons.

ESPN analyst Joe Lunardi, who correctly has predicted seven of the eight No. 1 seeds the past two seasons, had Pitt as the fourth No. 1 seed entering today, but he expects the winner of the Atlantic Coast Conference tournament championship between North Carolina and Duke to supplant the Panthers for the final No. 1 seed.

SB Nation currently has West Virginia as a No. 6 seed, which seems about right, although the Mountaineers would have had a cleaner shot at a high seed with a deep run in the Big East Tournament.

The Penn State Nittany Lions significantly improved their own March Madness standing by advancing to the Big Ten Tournament finals. They'll play against Ohio State this afternoon for the Big Ten championship. If they win, obviously, they're in, but even if not, they have a good shot, a surprising development given that they were very much on the outside looking in a few days ago. SB Nation's bracket currently has the Nittany Lions as a No. 11 seed.
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