Robert Morris Vs. West Virginia: Five-Man Substitution Sparks Mountaineer Rout

West Virginia got back to its winning ways at home against Robert Morris.

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Robert Morris Vs. West Virginia: Mountaineers Cruise Past Colonials Behind Solid Bench Play

  • John Flowers score on another ugly, ugly fast break.  This Mountaineer team doesn't seem capable of it.
  • Deniz Kilicli with back to back left-handers.  Fourteen points, a career high.
  • The Turk looks like he wants to cry after knocking a Colonial to the floor, while shooting a three.  Bobby Huggins, not thrilled, but will take it with the Turk playing like this.
  • Dalton Pepper hits a long three.  Amazingingly, we haven't seen Kevin Jones, Danny Jennings or Casey Mitchell since the big sit-down.
  • The Mountaineers have stepped it up and completely taken contol of the game.  Velton Jones fouls out for Robert Morris.  Right now the most entertaining thing will be whether or not the starters get back in.  Prognosis? Doubtful.
  • Kevin Noreen makes it in the game.  I love it when freshmen play. 
  • Flowers to the rack for his eleventh point.  He's got a double double.  This guy has come a long way since he was a freshmen.  Back then, literally his only job was to dance in the huddle.
  • Noreen is in the scorebook with a layup, along with ten other Mountaineers.
  • On TV, it just looked like Kevin Jones went to the locker room.  Would like to know why.
  • Well, it got boring once the Mountaineers were up big, and this will go into the books as a 33 point win.  It will go down in lore as the night Huggy benched the whole squad.  It's good to know that some players like Deniz Kilicli and Cam Thoroughman answered when called.  What's most disturbing is that guys like Casey Mitchell, Kevin Jones and Danny Jennings can be complete non-factors.  Huggins never let them off of the bench in the second half, and as badly as they've played lately, he had no reason too.

Robert Morris Vs. West Virginia: Second Teamers Spark Mountaineer Run

  • Russell Johnson rattles in a three to cut it to one, then the Mountaineers don't manage to get back to inbounds the ball.  Huggins brings in five new guys during the timeout. Could this team look any more lost?
  • Deniz Kilicli with the most dominating rebound I've seen out of him, and then a powerful offensive move.  It's a start.  These guys are playing like they never want to go back to the bench.
  • Cam Thoroughman with the lob to Mazzulla.  Amazing.  Cam looks like Magic Johnson these days.
  • The Turk with the finger-roll.  When looking for new scorers, the second team seems like the place to look.... and the Turk again with a big jam. Let's try to do this with the first team too, Deniz.
  • Jonnie West drains a three.
  • Mazzulla picks up his fourth and the second team is broken when Flowers and Bryant come back in, but only after a 15-4 run.  Good job gents.
  •  John Flowers off of another great feed from Cam.  Still baffled by his passing acumen.
  • Thoroughman puts some Colonial on his backside.  Still hasn't lost that part of his game.

Robert Morris Vs. West Virginia: Mountaineers Slumping Against Colonials, Lead By 4 At The Half

  • After two television timeouts, this one's hotly contested.  Mountaineers look brutish and sluggish, Colonials quick and are shooting with a hot hand.  Hopefully the length and strength will outlast the underdog, but the 'Eers are going to have to shoot better.
  • Kevin Jones overthrows Deniz Kilicli for the Mountaineers' fifth turnover.  Robert Morris with a three, and now they have the lead.
  • The Turk turns it over (a turk-over?) and then with a stupid foul.  Utterly lost on offense these days.
  • On the upside, John Flowers back in the game and apparently fine.
  • Truck all the way to the rack after a four minute drought.  All bad, quick shots by the 'Eers.
  • Huggins got a technical.  Saw it coming a mile away.  He was arguing a chippy call, but it's a tool, really.  I think he's trying to show the guys he goes hard. Still riding the refs.
  • Flowers is on the floor again, literally.  This kid might get killed if he keeps playing like this.  Love the hustle though.
  • Casey Mitchell finally gets a bucket.  With fourteen minutes burned off the clock in the first half, he finally gets a point.  Your leading scorer can't disappear like that.  Ever.
  • A dominant post move from Danny Jennings.  He jumped to receive the pass, and then he jumped for a quick half hook half layup.  Decisive.  What the Turk lacks.
  • And again... but he fails, and ultimate garbageman John Flowers is there to pick up the slack!
  • Kevin Jones throws the ball away in what seems like a freshman miscue.  Can't have that from a guy who's got to be a leader.
  • Cam Thoroughman finally in the game, and immediately with a beautiful feed to Casey Mitchell.  Why is Cam seemingly the team's best passer?  Amazing.
  • Kevin Jones is fouled in transition, but it wasn't pretty.  The Mountaineers want to run and gun, but really aren't good at it.
  • Truck forces five seconds at the end of the half to force the ball into the Mountaineers' hands.  It's a nice touch, and with only a four point lead a good chance for the 'Eers to get some final points...
  • ...which they don't when Casey Mitchell bricks a three.  Ice.  Cold.
  • Well, that was sluggish and ugly.  Glad I'm watching on TV and didn't brave the cold for this one!  Someone needs to step up and score the basketball or this could be an omen of bad things to come. Mitchell and Truck are a combined 4 for 17.  That's not going to beat anybody.

Robert Morris Vs. West Virginia: Tightly Contested In The Early Going

  • Danny Jennings in the starting lineup.  The Turk is still a project.
  • Holy @#$! Huggins is in a suit.  He really must be trying to mix it up after a loss.
  • Quick Colonials baskets, bad.  Truck going to the hole and getting to the line, good.
  • Casey Mitchell misses his first shot.  Better get hot, Casey.  Points are rare.
  • Jennings and one in the paint.  A good plan for getting points, is getting them close.  Truck and Danny have some chemistry leftover since high school, better put it to use.
  • Dalton Pepper gets the ball stripped easily.  C'mon, this isn't making things easier.
  • John Flowers out with an apparent ankle injury.  Back from the locker room and sitting on the bench now.
  • Kevin Jones is the recipient of a nice down low feed.  The way this Mountaineer team needs to be running things.
  • Deniz Kilicli backs in for two.  He showed a decisive move on this one, which is a change.
  • Robert Morris is still hot.  They've got 13.  The 'Eers, 15. They like to play quick, the 'Eers shouldn't let them dictate that, but that's hard when you're not making shots.

Robert Morris Vs. West Virginia: Mountaineers Try To Bounce Back From Weekend Loss

Robert Morris comes into the Coliseum tonight as a welcome opponent after a vexing loss on the road in Miami.  West Virginia should get back to what they're trying to do tonight, and I don't expect the Colonials to put up much of a fight.  It's a classic regional mismatch that's been going on for years, and should continue long into the future.  Gale Catlett teams used to lose this game every few seasons but, despite their struggles, I don't think this Mountaineer team comes out of the Coliseum with anything less than a decisive victory.

That said, things are still perplexing for this installment of the Mountaineers and a return trip to the Final Four looks like a longshot.  Right now, the Mountaineers are going to have to find people to score.  It's that simple.  It's a points game, and right now the 'Eers are short on guys who can give them points.  Casey Mitchell's been the man so far this season, but this weekend's loss showed us that if he gets shut down, the Mountaineers have nowhere to go.  West Virginia needs either Dalton Pepper, Truck Bryant, Deniz Kilicli or John Flowers to turn into a reliable scorer as soon as humanly possible, or things could get ugly. The problem is the defense has been pretty uninspiring, so I'm not nearly as confident watching the 'Eers muck it up like they could last season.  Simply put, someone needs to step forward and lead this team.  It could be Kevin Jones.  It could be Casey Mitchell.  It could be Truck or Flowers, even.  But it has to be somebody and it has to be now.

The only interesting note about the Colonials is that Billy Hahn's son is an assistant coach.  The real question is, does he wear the turtleneck?

I'm showing my weakness and won't be in the Coliseum tonight.  I'm old, cold, and still in recovery from a big time Wedding weekend in DC.  So I'll see you right here with in game updates......

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