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AFC North Update: Bengals, Browns Trail At Halftime

The Bengals trail the Colts and the Jets trail the Browns at halftime today. Kelvin Hayden scored on a pick-six and Javarris James had a three-yard touchdown run for the Colts, who lead 20-10. For the Jets, Mark Sanchez is 9-for-13 with 83 yards, a passing touchdown and a rushing touchdown, and New York leads 17-13. Peyton Hillis has 60 yards and a touchdown for the Browns.

Normally, of course, Steelers fans would want other AFC North teams to lose, but at this point, the Colts and Jets pose a bigger threat to the Steelers’ playoff prospects than the Bengals or Browns do. Cincinnati and Cleveland wins today would help level the playing field throughout the AFC, and a Jets loss and a Steelers win would give the Steelers sole possession of the best record in the conference. So … go Bengals? Go Browns?

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.