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West Virginia Vs. Davidson: First Half Notes, Under Sixteen

  • Mountaineers in their home whites.  Mitchell starts again at the two-guard.  Jones, Bryant, Kilicli and Flowers round out the starting lineup.
  • Huggins complained on the radio pre-game show that the rims in Puerto Rico were as tight as he'd seen.  Early shots bouncing in and out seem to reinforce that.
  • Kilicli comes out of the game after under-two minutes of play.  The insertion of Jennings seems to say that Huggs was unhappy with his rebounding effort. Huggs also pulls Mitchell early, in favor of Jonnie West
  • Truck scores twice early, drawing fouls both times.  He missed on his second trip to the stripe.
  • Truck jumps a passing lane and goes to the rim.  He has 7 of WVU's first nine points.
  • Jonnie West hit a nice fade away three, doing exactly what he was put into the game to do.  He follows that high-degree-of-difficulty shot by missing his next one, this time from a foot and half.  Maybe Huggs was right about those rims.  Almost every shot is rattling around.  What's John Sanders to say "bending, bending, bending..." when we need him.
  • WVU 12, Davidson 8

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.