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West Virginia Vs. Davidson: First Half Notes, Under Twelve Timeout

  • After being the best player on the court in the first five minutes, Truck Bryant is subbed out in favor of Joe Mazzulla.
  • Flowers scores an easy bucket on an inbounds play designed to do just that.  It's good to see, since executing and defending in-bounds situations was one of the Mountaineer's weaknesses last season.
  • Davidson takes a timeout just before the clock crosses the 12-minute mark.  This segment of the first hald has been slow and ugly, this contributes to that.
  • Kilicli picks up two quick fouls.  He's got to work on his lateral quickness or these "hip-check" fouls are going to happen quite often.  Kevin Jones immediately back into the game.
  • Mazzulla makes a gorgeous pivot move on the block and flips the ball to Kevin Jones who comes crashing down the lane to pick up the bucket and the foul.  Missed his free throw.
  • Mazzulla follows that up by nearly throwing it into the stands.  Jones recovers, flips the ball to Pepper who immediately travels.
  • WVU 18, Davidson 11.  Much uglier than the first segment of the game.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.