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West Virginia Vs. Davidson: First Half Notes, Under Eight Timeout

  • Pepper earns a spot next to Huggins with a weak foul which does nothing but give Davidson an easy point.
  • Another play designed to get Flowers the ball on the blocks.  I like it!  He's shoved from behind and actually hits both of his free throws!  A play designed for Flowers is a great thing, to have him hit both shots... well that's just gravy.
  • Thoroughman grabs a board, then gets stuffed and turns the ball over.  In a way, WVU needs Cam to be their best scrapper.  He knows that's WVhis role, obviously.
  • Truck and Mazzulla on the court together.  Huggins goes to a 2-3 zone, and Mazzulla picks up a charge on the blocks.  One has to think the zone is so Huggins can keep both his point guards on the court, but out of foul trouble.
  • Jennings skies through the lane and picks up the foul.  If he'd landed the dunk, it would have been immediately on SportsCenter.  I knew Jennings was a bruiser, but didn't know he had that kind of athleticism.  This could be a sign of great things to come.
  • Bryant hits a falling down fade in the lane.  Nine points in only about six minutes of play.  Truck's ability to put the ball in the basket may be the most important facet of this year's offensive scheme.
  • JFlow hits a three.  His shooting touch seems much improved this season from last.
  • Mitchell and West back in the game, with Truck at the point and Jennings and Jones on the blocks.
  • Mitchell gets fouled in the lane, and will be shooting free throws when we return.
  • WVU 26, Davidson 16 - Mountaineers beginning to control the game on both ends by crashing the boards and going hard to the basket, aka Bob Huggins Basketball.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.