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West Virginia Vs. Davidson: First Half Notes, Under Four Timeout

  • Mitchell hits both of his free throws, officially the first good thing he's done all game.
  • West gets burned.  Man to man defense is not his strong suit.  Hit enough threes though, and we'll ignore it. 
  • Mitchell hits a three.  I guess he heard what I said about the him at the top of this post.  Follows that up by draining another, scoring eight points in the last two minutes.  That's what the Mountaineers need out of Mitchell, scoring and scoring enough to mitigate his weaknesses, namely defense. 
  • Davidson, now down fourteen, takes a timeout to stop the bleeding.
  • Nothing I like typing more than: Shot blocked by Flowers.
  • Truck to the rack.  Rolls around the rim and drops.  Truck with 11 first half points, and obviously on the look-out for more as he just took an opening and went with it.
  • Cam Thoroughman gets a technical foul.  It's not obvious what it was for, but I imagine it was just for playing like Cam Thoroughman.
  • WVU 38, Davidson 22.  Mountaineers in control.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.