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Week 12 NFL Power Rankings: Steelers Still Near Top After Easy Win

With an easy win over the Raiders out of the way, the Steelers moved up about one spot in many outlets' power rankings. That might not change much in the coming week, with a number of the top teams having some relatively easy games (the Patriots play the Lions, for example, and the Jets play the Bengals), although the showdown between the Packers and Falcons could mix things up a bit. The Steelers face the Bills in what will hopefully be a fairly stress-free win. Here are the power rankings.

SB Nation: 7.

The Steelers showed they're still a dominant team beating the Raiders, 35-3. It's looking like that Dec. 5 game against the Ravens is going to have a major impact on the division.

Possibly, although there's also a very good chance the loser will win a wild card berth anyway.

ESPN: 5.

Pittsburgh had 163 penalty yards and still beat Oakland by 32 points.

FOX Sports: 7.

Last week's game really was a blueprint on how Pittsburgh will win games going forward. They must make big plays on offense, with the defense getting turnovers. And their schedule over the next two weeks is about as easy as it gets until they face the Jets at home in Week 15.

Well, other than that Ravens game, which could be tricky. 6.

That was a good old-fashioned beatdown of the Raiders. Don't go punching their quarterback in the mouth. You will pay.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.