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Week 13 BCS Rankings: Oregon, Auburn Appear Likely To Meet In National Championship

BCS Evolution has its projections for the BCS bowls. It predicts that Oregon will play Auburn in the national championship game, with fellow undefeated team TCU playing Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl. The projected standings are as follows:

1. Oregon

2. Auburn

3. TCU

4. Stanford

5. Wisconsin

6. Boise State

7. Ohio State

8. Arkansas

9. LSU

10. Michigan State

BCS Evolution suggests that the bowl pairings might shake out this way: Ohio State would take on Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl, Virginia Tech would play UConn in the Orange Bowl, and Nebraska would play Stanford in the Fiesta Bowl. Obviously, if you've been following the Big East, you know that UConn's spot could easily end up occupied by West Virginia or by Pitt.

Before any of that happens, of course, there are games to play. Oregon plays Oregon State next week, and Auburn will face a tough matchup against South Carolina. Virginia Tech will play Florida State. And, of course, UConn will play South Florida and WVU will play Rutgers.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.