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Big East Set To Add TCU?

Fanhouse is reporting that TCU has accepted an invitation to join the Big East Conference and will begin league play in 2012.


The Horned Frogs will reportedly be added as an all-sport member, meaning the already pretty huge, 16-team Big East will now swell to 17 members in 2012-2013.


Unfortunately for the Big East, after a very mediocre 2010 football season is fighting to maintain its BCS status, the league will not get credit for TCU's impressive resume over the past few years. The Horned Frogs have finished in the BCS top 11 in each of the last three years, but the Big East will not reap the benefits of that.


Fanhouse says TCU is located an average of 1,140 miles on average from its reported new conference mates. Though modern athletic budgets have made travel less of an issue for college teams, it'll still be interesting to see how the Big East manages having a team so far from its home in the Northeast. Stay tuned for details on this developing story.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.