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Big East Expansion: Early Reaction To TCU's Move

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Some early reaction is already coming in to TCU's move to the Big East Conference for all sports starting in 2012. Some like the move while others doubt it has a lot of stability behind in in the long term. With a news conference set to begin at 2 P.M., we'll likely hear more in the hours ahead, but ESPN Dallas's Richard Durrett likes the move because it provides "security."

Starting in the 2012 football season, TCU will be playing in a conference that has an automatic bid to the BCS party. UConn is in the driver's seat this season and they have four losses. It means that if TCU loses one game, the season isn't over in terms of playing with the big boys.

This move means TCU has the security of knowing if they win their conference, they are in a BCS bowl. Isn't that reassuring for Frogs fans?

Yahoo!'s Dan Wetzel is skeptical about the move, however.

B12 can get TCU back any time it wants. This is a marriage of convenience. Good for TCU and Big East in the short termless than a minute ago via web

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