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Week 13 Fantasy Football Tips: Is It Time For Shaun Suisham?

Shaun Suisham had a very big game last week against Buffalo, but is it time to add him to your fantasy team? Well, maybe. If you're among the 15 percent of owners who still have Jeff Reed on your roster, adding just about anyone else (Nate Kaeding, Morton Andersen, Scott Norwood, whoever) would be a good idea. But even if you're not, Suisham isn't an unreasonable choice, at least for this week. The Steelers average 2.4 field goals per game, seventh in the NFL, and they average 2.8 on the road, which is where they'll be when they play the Ravens this week.

That might be mostly incidental, but there's also the fact that it's tough to kick in Heinz Field - Jeff Reed complained about the conditions there shortly before being cut, but Reed's predecessor, Kris Brown, had an even harder time there. So it might not be a good idea to keep Suisham when the Steelers play the Bengals at home in Week 14. This week on the road, though, Suisham would be a creative acquisition that could pay dividends - he hit four of four field goals of 40 yards or more against Buffalo.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.