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NFL Power Rankings: Where Will The Steelers End Up?

Where will the Steelers end up in this week’s NFL Power Rankings? SB Nation had them at No. 3 last week, behind the Patriots and Falcons, and they’ll obviously drop a couple spots after losing to the Jets. The Pats and Falcons should stay where they are after winning again this week.

I’d expect the Ravens and Eagles to move up this week after beating the Saints and Giants, respectively. Here’s what I’d expect this week, then:

1. Patriots
2. Falcons
3. Eagles
4. Ravens
5. Steelers
6. Jets
7. Saints
8. Bears
9. Giants
10. Chargers

The Bears don’t play until Monday night.

Even though the Jets just beat the Steelers, I don’t see the Jets leapfrogging them, thanks to the Jets’ late-season swoon until Sunday evening. The Ravens do, though, since they beat a good team in the Saints on Sunday, and the Steelers’ victory over them wasn’t a bad one. The Chargers round out the top ten ahead of the Chiefs because San Diego thumped Kansas City two weeks ago.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.