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College Football Expansion Is Here

With the recent defections of Colorado, Nebraska, Boise State, and Utah, are we witnessing the end of college football as we know it, or are these the only moves to be made?  Time will tell, but for now, things appear to be slowing down just a bit.

A quick recap:

Pac-10 - By bringing in Colorado and Utah, the Pac-10 has successfully expanded to twelve teams and will apparently have its conference championship.

Big Ten - With the addition of Nebraska, the Big Ten also has its long-desired championship game and could hold at twelve teams for now.

Mountain West- The Mountain West appeared poised to lobby for an automatic BCS bid by adding Boise State.  However, shortly thereafter, Utah bolted for the security of the Pac-10.

Things have been fairly quiet lately, but there are still plenty of rumblings out there. While appearing to be content, The Pac-10, Big Ten, and the smaller version of the Big 12 could ultimately still add more teams.  The SEC and ACC might be proactive in adding teams to stave off elimination.  And while it may be difficult for the Big East to steal teams from BCS conferences, it might get involved by adding non-BCS schools. 

Still, it appears Pitt and the Big East could be safe.  For now.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.