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Welcome To SB Nation Pittsburgh!

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We're happy you're here. Come learn what our new site is all about.

Hello, everyone, and welcome to SB Nation Pittsburgh. You're probably already familiar with SB Nation through one or more of our many fine team blogs, and so you already know that SB Nation provides some of the finest sports coverage available anywhere, but let me tell you how SB Nation Pittsburgh will be a little different.

This site will be a regional hub for all Pittsburgh sports, so it's sort of a one-stop shop for those of you who follow several teams in the region. One of our goals is to highlight outstanding contributions from our team blogs, but we'll also be providing lots of original content of our own. We've assembled an excellent team of writers that includes Jimmy Rixner (a.k.a. Hooks Orpik) from Pensburgh, Michael Bean from Behind the Steel Curtain, Anson Whaley from the Pitt blog Cardiac Hill, Jeff Junstrom from the Penn State blog Black Shoe Diaries, and me from .Bucs Dugout. We'll also have several excellent new writers -- Aaron Hawley will be covering the WVU Mountaineers, Stephen Catanese will join Jimmy in writing about the Penguins, and my brother Pete Wilmoth will team up with Michael to cover the Steelers. There are also a couple others who will be joining us in the coming weeks, including a jack-of-all-trades and a very funny humor columnist.

SB Nation Pittsburgh is organized a little differently than our team blogs. We do have a blog, "The Pitt Stop," which appears in the right sidebar of the main page. In addition to that, though, we'll also post features -- four times a week, in most cases. We'll also have the "Starting Lineup" in the center of the page, which will be a set of links that we'll update daily. In the "Pittsburgh Editors Picks" section down below, we'll highlight outstanding FanPosts from our team blogs. And below that is a twitter feed of our favorite area sports writers. (If you want to follow us on Twitter, by the way, we're at @sbnpittsburgh.)

The big innovation in SB Nation Pittsburgh, though, is StoryStreams, which will appear (along with features) in the carousel at the top of the page, and also in the left sidebar. With StoryStreams, every story becomes its blog, so for stories that are likely to develop as time goes on, like the recent Pedro Alvarez promotion or the Ben Roethlisberger mess, we can provide you with timely updates that are conveniently collected on a single page.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't invite you to the SB Nation Meet-Up, which is taking place on Monday - that's either today or tomorrow, depending on when you're reading this - at 6:00 PM at the Carson City Saloon in Pittsburgh. It's a great excuse to come out and talk sports with your fellow fans, and I will be there along with several other SB Nation Pittsburgh authors. You can RSVP here

Thanks for checking us out, and enjoy! 

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.