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Tony Sanchez Breaks Jaw In Two Places

The Post-Gazette reports that 2009 first-rounder Tony Sanchez will miss time with a broken jaw. Sanchez's fractures are small and shouldn't be a long-term problem, but the Pirates will be cautious with him. That this happened is a freak accident (Sanchez was beaned twice in a short period of time), but it's getting a little frustrating that so many Pirates prospects have missed significant time with injury. Shortstop prospect Brock Holt recently went down for the year, and Starling Marte, Victor Black, Quinton Miller, Colton Cain, Brett Lorin and others have had a rough go as well.


UPDATE: Sanchez will have surgery to repair the jaw, which could shut him down for a while, since he won't be able to eat solid food while the jaw is wired shut. He may be done for the year, which is awful news.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.