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Wouldn't It Be Nice?

Sometimes it's nice to wish the world wasn't the way it is. You could apply that to a lot of things, but right now I'll apply it only twice.

↵ has a mock NBA Lottery where the players are ranked solely based on the productivity of their college careers. In a lot of ways, that should be how the NBA Draft works. It's not. It's based on "hops" and "upside" and other things that I, the college basketball fan, just don't understand. Either way, it has Da'Sean Butler going 13th overall.  I'd love that. I know it's not happening. After the year Butler had, he deserves a shot. I think he'll get one. Those piles of guaranteed money?  They'll give them to some high school kid who flames out quick.  Oh well.


The second thing that had me scratching my head was this pre-season top 25 poll from that has the Mountaineers ranked 5th. Whaaaaaaa? You read that right. 5th. Like Alabama, Ohio State, TCU, Florida, West Virginia. That kind of 5th. I don't think it's insane, per se, I just think it's a little early for that. I could see the 'Eers finishing 5th (a 1-loss season will get you there, regardless of who you play), but starting there seems a little, well, hopeful.


And yes, I checked, it's a column for this year, not last year.They know Geno Smith is under center. I thought I was optimistic!

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.