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Dana Eveland Clears Waivers, Heads To Indianapolis

Pitcher Dana Eveland has cleared waivers and will join the Pirates' Class AAA team in Indianapolis, thus completing a badly handled sequence of moves by the Bucs' front office. The Jays designated Eveland for assignment in May, which essentially meant they'd resigned themselves to losing him to any team willing to put him on their 25-man roster. Rather than wait their turn to grab him, the Pirates dealt an actual prospect in Ronald Uviedo to get Eveland, even though the Bucs aren't contending this year and badly need prospects. Then, after just 9 2/3 innings, the Pirates decided they'd had enough and designated Eveland for assignment again. Eveland went all the way through the waivers process and no one claimed him, and now he's still with the Pirates, but in Class AAA. 


What were the Pirates doing trading a prospect for a guy who they didn't even value enough to let him pitch ten innings with the club? And how could they have misjudged the situation so much that they traded something of value for a player every team would pass on just a few weeks later? I like a lot of what Neal Huntington has done with the Pirates, but the moves they've made involving Eveland have been horrible.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.