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Pirates Lead Pittsburgh Teams In Vendor Inspections

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It’s not often the Pirates beat out their fellow professional team city-mates, but they’ve done so in the cleanliness department. ESPN released vendor inspection reports from all the major stadium and arenas and the results, well, make you want to eat before going to the game.


Even though the Pirates were first among Pittsburgh teams, they still had 53% of their vendors having “critical violations” including: “raw chicken and beef stored above bread, and found restrooms without any hot water.”


The Penguins, in archaic Mellon Arena, had 55% of their vendors with violations, and they apparently weren’t the only tenants of the arena: “In one of the arena’s higher-end clubs, inspectors found a live cockroach on top of a soda dispenser holster”. Shockingly, the report didn’t mention anything about cold water in the bathrooms, leading one to believe the inspectors must not have made it that far.


Heinz Field came in last place for the Pittsburgh venues with 61% of Steelers’ vendors earning violations including expired milk and this gem: “employees lacking in overall food-safety knowledge after observing one worker washing his hands with his gloves on”.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.