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Reaction To Pirates' Deadline Moves

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Here is a smattering of reaction from around the baseball community about the Pirates' trades at the MLB deadline this afternoon.

D.J. Carrasco, Ryan Church and Bobby Crosby for Chris Snyder and Pedro Ciriaco

"I was surprised," he said. "I didn't know what to think of that. I just want to play. I look at myself as an everyday player. I always have. I hope that doesn't change. As far as a catcher coming in, I'm all for improving the team and doing whatever it takes to improve the team. Selfishly, I think I'm an everyday player, and I want to play every day."-Ryan Doumit to

"Essentially, they've dumped some dead weight and plugged a pretty big hole, and done it all by taking on a bit of salary (we won't know how much, but it should be a decent amount if it had to be approved by Major League Baseball) and trading a middle reliever. Chris Snyer doesn't make the Pirates a playoff team in 2011, but he does make them a better team at a relatively low cost, so it's hard not to like this deal."-Pat Lackey at WHYGAVS

"Snyder gets Ryan Doumit out from behind the plate, which is excellent. Snyder is a risky player - if his average declines much further, it'll be tough to play him, and as a 29-year-old catcher, some decline isn't out of the question - but he's a valuable offensive player now, with plenty of power and walks, and he's a much better defensive player than Doumit is. This looks like an upgrade to me. He's also under team control at reasonable rates through 2012."-Charlie at Bucs Dugout.

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Octavio Dotel for Andrew Lambo and James McDonald

Will Carrol, Baseball Prospectus

MCDONALD? FOR DOTEL? Damn, everything you've ever said bad about Neil Huntington, take it back.less than a minute ago via Tweetie for Mac

"The Pirates get an absolute steal of a return on Octavio Dotel by getting two out-of-favor prospects from the Dodgers, creating a situation in which if only one pans out they still see a significant gain."-Keith Law, ESPN

"What did they give up? Well, too much. McDonald is still a young, live arm who has had MLB success and is doing very well in Triple-A this season. Meanwhile Andrew Lambo was rated as the Dodgers #3 prospect this off-season by our own Marc Hulet. He currently is hitting .271/.325/.420 as a twenty-one year old in Double-A, and is highly regarded among prospect enthusiasts."-Pat Andriola of Fangraphs

Javier Lopez for John Bowker and Joe Martinez

"Hilarious. John Bowker and Joe Martinez for Javier Lopez. When I think scrapheap lefty, Lopez is who I'm thinking of. Trading a low-cost, low-upside starting pitcher is iffy enough. But Bowker? They traded five years of John Bowker for 20 innings of Lopez?...Enjoy, Pirates. You can shut up about Armando Rios now."-

Grant at McCovey Chronicles

"Two major league-experienced players with a combined nine years of team control left is an awfully high price to pay for two months of a lefty specialist who rates slightly above replacement level, but the Giants don’t need Martinez given their pitching depth, and they don’t need Bowker due to his age, MLB struggles, and the other Giants players at his positions

The Pirates get a bat in Bowker who could be just a few adjustments away from being a nice MLB hitter, and they get a major league filler arm in Martinez, all for two months of Lopez. Not a bad haul for them, yet again.

So, it’s not really a difference-maker for either team, but it is a win-win trade."-Nathaniel Stoltz of Call To The Penn


John Perrotto...

I think the #Pirates made out well at the deadline. Traded five fungible guys and got six players back. It's a positive day for them.less than a minute ago via web

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