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Heat Taking Its Toll On Players And Course

The hot weather is getting to both the golfers and the grounds in the practice rounds of the U.S. Open. With temperatures reaching 92 on Tuesday and an expected 94 degrees today (the hottest day in Pittsburgh since 2005), players are reaching their limits:

“It’s hot. It’s humid. It’s gross,” said Paula Creamer, who is ranked No. 13 in the world. “You know, this golf course just eats you alive mentally. Then when you have all of those factored into it, it’s going to be the battle of the fittest, a battle of who’s going to stay the sharpest for 18 holes out there.”

Creamer said it took her three hours and 40 minutes Tuesday to complete the back nine.

Not the most analytical quote in the world, but accurate. A caddie has also already been treated for dehydration.

The hot temperatures may also mean the course has to do something it would likely prefer not to do immediately before a major championship – water the grounds. Water might be needed to help slow some of the faster greens and to keep the grass in good condition. But overwatering could cause the course to become too soggy and fairly unplayable.

The temps are expected to cool by the weekend for the final two days of the tournament, but it’s still set to be a hot four days overall.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.