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Jason Worilds Struggling To Keep Up With Dick LeBeau

Gerry Dulac reports that rookie linebacker Jason Worilds is struggling to keep up:

Like all rookies, he is trying to absorb as much as he can of LeBeau’s intricate defense, no matter how fast the schemes are being tossed at him.

But, complicating matters is that Worilds hasn’t been on the practice field enough to demonstrate what he has been able to learn. He aggravated a hamstring injury that forced him to miss most of the first week of training camp and has spent the past couple days trying to be careful to not damage it further.

“The installment time is about 10 minutes,” said Worilds, a defensive end at Virginia Tech who has been converted to outside linebacker. “They put in all the plays in about 10 minutes, you watch a little film and now you have to go on the field and run it. It’s crazy.”

Anyone’s who’s ever taken a new job can relate to what he must be feeling. Add to that his hamstring problem, which is preventing him from really implementing everything he’s learned, and it must be a struggle out there.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.