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Submit Your Questions

Forgot to add the link for question submission: please go here to submit a question to any of the panelists. For you Pitt (and WVU) fans, this is your chance to ask age-old questions like “Why won’t you play us, Tom Bradley?” and “What does 12-0 mean to you, Evan Royster?”

The panelists:

From the staff- Tom Bradley (Asst. Coach, Defense/Cornerbacks), Kermit Buggs (Asst. Coach, Safeties), Larry Johnson (Asst. Coach, Defensive Line), Mike McQueary (Asst. Coach Wide Receivers/Recruiting Coordinator), Jay Paterno (Asst. Coach, Quarterbacks), and Ron Vanderlinden (Asst. Coach, Linebackers)

Student-Athletes: RB Evan Royster, G/C Stefen Wisnewski, WR Derek Moye, WR Graham Zug, DT Ollie Ogbu, DT Devon Still, LB Michael Mauti, LB Nate Stupar, CB D’Anton Lynn, SAF Drew Astorino, and K Collin Wagner

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.