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PennLive Has Your Tweet-based Updates

Until the transcript is out, enjoy some of these tweets by PennLive-based @psufootball published during the Joe Paterno press conference. The other coaches and players followed Paterno. Notable tweets listed below:

Getting started … Paterno has one request … “Please don’t ask me if I’m going to die today.”

“Believe me, I’ve got a few more days left.

On replacing Drake: “That’s tough. Drake’s one of the better football players we have. He’s very versatile. He can do a lot of things.”

“Unless there’s a disaster, we’ll keep Powell right where he is.” — as opposed to moving him back to WR.

On QB candidates: “It’s too early. We’ve used [extra days from the NCAA] to get a better feel for these kids.”

On evaluating QBs: “It’s a combination of things. It’s not easy to say ‘this kid’s going to play here.’”

“We may be forced into playing a freshman.”

“The Newsome kid is really a freshman. He started in January a year ago.”

“I really don’t know who’s going to be the quarterback.”

On LBs: “I’m glad we’ve got a competition. We’re looking for solid play, hopefully they’ll play up to their potential.”

On O-line: “Klopacz has ability. He’s got to get a little more consistent. He has a tendency once in a while to take a blow.”

On O-line: “I doubt if Shrive can [make an impact this season]. He’s just inconsistent. He has a chance to be good, but he’s not there yet.”

“I’m not sure [the assistant coaches] would agree I’m delegating. On the field, I don’t coach on the field as much as I used to.”

“In the old days, I used to grab a kid and throw him around.”

“Two problems with that … 1.) I don’t want to be like the guy at Texas Tech.” The second thing is, he talks to kids in meetings.

On finding punter: “We’ve got 3 kids out there punting, and I think we’re going to have a punter.”

On trip to Alabama: “I’d be dishonest if I told you I had not looked at tapes of Alabama. I have.”

Paterno is stressing not getting carried away thinking about Alabama and looking past Youngstown State.

“When you go to the Quarterback Club, more than half of them are women. And I’m sure it’s because of my looks.”

“When I recruit kids, I tell them, ’don’t be afraid of competition.’ If you’re afraid of competition, don’t come to us.”

“Offensive line is a problem. I think we’re solid most places, except there.”

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.