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Joe Paterno Big Ten Media Days Comments

  • Expects to coach as long as he's healthy, effective and has the desire to do so.
  • Health issues were "A little below the intestines (laughter)."
  • On health concerns hurting recruiting: "Well I don't know whether it's hurt our recruiting to be frank with you.  We're still in the middle of trying to get a couple of people which would make a difference. Our problem has been numbers and that's what people look at. We don't have that many scholarships available...We really couldn't go out and get 18, 19, 20 kids this year so we just want to go our there and go get some people and fill in where we need them and hopefully make ourselves a little bit better. I think we're doing alright, I really do."
  • Big fan of the Nebraska add to the conference.  Talked about his experience as as assistent there in the 50's.
  • On possibility of further expansion: "I would hope we would be looking at a couple schools maybe in the east, because it would certainly be a good move for us.  It would help us particularly in the recruiting, the television and all those kind of things, that are pluses that you get when you expand as we have with Nebraska."
  • When asked about coaching on the sideline: "What did Mark Twain say? 'The rumor of my death has been over-exaggerated'?...As far as looking at tapes and talking to kids and getting ready for different things, it was really no different except I couldn't make as many public appearances as I've had."
  • Excited to play Alabama, and thinks playing a national champion on the road will be a good experience and will make Penn State a better experience going forward. Inserted proverbial "Youngstown State will be tough, too" comment.
  • Non-committal on his feelings regarding divisional splits.
  • On chasing win #400: "I really haven't thought about it...When I'm down and looking up, are they going to put 399 on top of me or 401?  Who the hell cares? (laughs) I won't know. (laughs)

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.