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Big Ten Media Days Begin In Chicago - Penn State Brings Royster, Wisniewski, and Lynn

The Big Ten's annuall media day coverage begins in Chicago this morning, with all eleven schools present, and special guest Tom Osborne of Nebraska keeping a close eye on how things go down in the Big Ten.

On Monday morning, the Preseason Top Three will be unveiled (99.9% chance of those top three being Ohio State, Iowa, and Wisconsin, in that order), as well as the Preseason Offensive (either Terrelle Pryor or John Clay) and Defensive (either Greg Jones or Adrian Clayborn) Players of the Year.

SBN Big Ten blog The Rivalry, Esq. has a primer for the media days; among the questions that TRE anticipates:

Things We'll Know

  1. The Top 3 preseason teams
  2. Preseason players of the year
  3. What each coach thinks about the addition of Nebraska to the conference
  4. What each coach thinks about Nebraska as a prospective rival
  5. What each coach thinks about potentially playing an extra conference game as part as a twelve team setup
  6. What each coach is doing to try to limit the influence of agents on his lockerroom
  7. What each coach thinks about a geographic versus competitive divisional split
  8. Where each coach thinks the impending Big Ten Championship should be held
  9. That the conference continues to study expansion

Things We Won't Know

  1. What the new divisions will look like
  2. Whether the Big Ten will expand past twelve teams
  3. Whether 2010 will be Joe Paterno's final year at the helm
  4. How much additional revenue conference members hope to gain through the addition of Nebraska

For other coverage, follow Adam Rittenberg's Big Ten blog on ESPN or Twitter, or head on over to SBN blogs Black Shoe Diaries or Black Heart Gold Pants for coverage and analysis of Penn State and Iowa, respectively.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.