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Ryan Clark To Sit Against Broncos

Remember last season when it was ultimately decided that safety Ryan Clark would sit during the Steelers road contest against the Denver Broncos? In case you forgot, Clark was sat down by Coach Tomlin because the high elevation poses a risk to his health due to not having a spleen. The science/medicine is beyond me, but suffice it to say, if Clark isn’t going to suit up for a big primetime showdown with the Broncos during the regular season, he sure as heck isn’t going to risk playing during the preseason. So, Clark will have the night off this coming weekend when the Steelers play their third preseason game at Invesco Filed at Mile High.

“I still want to play but I understand if I’m not going to play a Monday night game, I’m definitely not worried about this one,” Clark said. “We’ll still go through the same process. I’m glad it’s not as big an ordeal as it was last year.”

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.