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Pitt's 2011 Basketball Class Now Overcrowded With The Addition Of Malcolm Gilbert

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Pitt got some good news Monday with the commitment of 6'11" center Malcolm Gilbert. The team had not had a true center since 2007 when it signed Gary McGhee and Cassin Diggs. He wasn't scheduled to make a decision until at least another week or so, but he sped up his decision and informed Pitt that he is coming.


Gilbert is a three-star center and one of the nation's top 20 centers as rated by both Scout and Rivals. He reportedly had drawn interest from about ten schools including Ohio State, Villanova, Wake Forest, Clemson, Virginia Tech, and Virginia. He's viewed as a defense-first player (averaged almost 12 blocks per game as a sophomore) and somewhat of a prospect, weighing only about 210 pounds. If he can bulk up a bit and has a solid season this year, he can move up a bit in the rankings by the time 2011 rolls around.


Gilbert's addition is certainly welcome, but now the team has four commitments with only three scholarships available. With Gilbert, John Johnson, Jaylen Bond, and Durand Johnson, the Panthers are a bit overcrowded and if all four qualify academically, someone may need to 'voluntarily' leave the program for the second straight season. I go into this in a little more detail over at Cardiac Hill.


Another option is that Dante Taylor leaves school early for the NBA, thus freeing up another scholarship.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.