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Evan Royster With Adam Rittenberg

ESPN's Adam Rittenberg caught up with Evan Royster last evening at Big Ten Media Days.  See the video here.

Some highlights:

  • Stressed the importance of "carrying the load more" on offense. This will be big for Penn State, as Royster is by far the team's biggest offensive weapon, but also for Royster's pro prospects as well. One of the reasons he was encouraged to go back to school was to prove that he can handle a lot of carries, something he hasn't had to deal with in his first three years at tailback.
  • Was non-committal on how run heavy he expects the offense to be. Thought it was important to see how the quarterback and offensive line situations shake out.
  • On breaking Curt Warner's all-time rushing mark: "It's hard not to think about. ... Being up there with the likes of Curt Warner and Larry Johnson and those guys, it's really exciting for me and once it happens it'll be a relief because it's been talked about so much that I'm starting to get sick of it."
  • Brushed off Paterno's health concerns and called his coach a "soldier."
  • Obviously excited to play Alabama.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.