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Pitt Has Several Key Injuries Heading Into Today's Game

This year, the Big East coaches vowed to put out an injury report this week. I’m not sure if Dave Wannstedt voted for it or not, but the team is apparently hesitant about disclosing team injuries and told Post-Gazette reporter Paul Zeise that they would no longer comply with it.

Who knows why the team refuses to participate, but as Zeise points out, there’s nothing the conference can do to enforce the new rule.

This leads into the status for players today – specifically Greg Romeus, Ray Graham, and Dom DeCicco. Romeus played last week, but other than knocking down some passes, was ineffective for the most part. Graham and DeCicco did not play and earlier this week in his press conference, Wannstedt said little about their status for today’s game.

The injury report sounded like a good idea, but if Pitt refuses to comply, it probably won’t be long until others follow.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.