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Troy Polamalu Not Pleased With His Performance Against Atlanta

After making yet another highlight-reel interception during the Pittsburgh Steelers 15-9 overtime win against the Falcons on Sunday, you’d think Troy Polamalu would have been pleased with his performance. Not exactly. The All-Pro safety didn’t think he played all that well outside of that one play.

Polamalu was more concerned about his mistakes. There were a bunch, he said. Missed assignments and missed tackles. "Yeah, especially the pass down the middle to [tight end] Tony Gonzalez [that went for a 20-yard gain in the third quarter]. That could have been a game-changer. If that had been a receiver, it could have gone for a touchdown …

“I don’t know what it was. A lack of focus. A lack of intensity. I just don’t know.”

Whatever it was, I’m not the slightest bit concerned.

Also, when asked about the impressive intereception, Polamalu was typically modest, saying he just got ‘lucky’.

If Sunday’s performance was the baseline for Polamalu this season, Steeler Nation has a lot to look forward to.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.