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Dennis Dixon Reflects On Week 1 Performance

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Dennis Dixon was neither great nor awful during Sunday’s 15-9 overtime victory over the Atlanta Falcons. Here were his final numbers on the afternoon:

18-of-26 (69%), 236 yards, 0 TDs, 1 INT

If the Steelers hope to improve to 2-0 this coming Sunday against the Tennessee Titans in Nashville, Dixon might have to be a bit better than he was against the Falcons, at least on third-down conversions, an area where he and the rest of the offense struggled.

On Wednesday, Dixon joined Joe Bendel’s show on Fox Sports 970 to talk about his performance against the Falcons, as well as what he’s working on in preparation for the Titans on Sunday.

On gaining the confidence of his teammates:

"I just have to say, it starts up front first and foremost and BA (Bruce Arians) making the call. Just trusting the whole offense as far as getting that play done. That’s pretty much it. You have to base it off the O-line. It doesn’t start without the O-line. I still have to continue to gain the trust of my teammates and I’m gaining it daily which I like. When the game comes, as far as the veterans on the team like a Hines Ward or something like that, they keep me even keel."

On fans wanting him to run more and if he plans on doing it:

"Obviously I’d like to give the fans what they want, but you gotta take what the defense gives you regardless if it’s a run or a pass. Sometimes it may not be good for you to run and if you run too much that longevity is not going to last long. You’ve got to be able to watch out and watch out for your body as well."

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.