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Ken Rosenthal: Is Frank Coonelly Pirates' "De Facto GM"?'s Ken Rosenthal writes that some baseball folks consider Pirates president Frank Coonelly the Bucs' "de facto GM," making general manager Neal Huntington a puppet. Dejan Kovacevic addresses those assertions in a chat today that also deals with the possibility that Huntington will be fired. Kovacevic says that the idea that Coonelly is the real GM is false, although Coonelly can exercise "veto authority" over Huntington's moves. 


This is probably much ado about nothing, since the charge that Coonelly is the real GM is one that doesn't come up often and Kovacevic would know the situation better than Rosenthal does, but you're probably going to hear Pirates fans mentioning the Rosenthal article in the next few days.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.