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Tennessee RB Jeremiah Bryson Commits To Pitt

Pitt received its second running back commitment (and 18th overall) today when Jeremiah Bryson agreed to join the Panthers in 2011.


Bryson isn't currently rated all that high - only a two-star recruit as rated by Scout and a three-star recruit as rated by Rivals. That's due in part to two fairly subpar seasons as a sophomore and junior after a monster freshman season when he ran for 17 touchdowns and nearly 1,300 yards. Since then, his production has slipped a bit, partially due to injuries.


However, he seems healthy this year and through five games, has averaged about 100 yards per game - his highest career total.


Pitt has Ray Graham back in 2011, four-star incoming freshman Jameel Poteat coming in next season, and a few other running backs on the roster besides Jason Douglas, who may end up being kicked off the team due to his legal issues. There's also Dion Lewis who may or may not be back, so there's some depth. But still, this isn't a bad pickup, especially considering he's a bit under the radar right now. He showed great potential his freshman year and is starting to show signs of repeating that type of year this season.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.