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Mountaineers Score Early In Third Quarter, Mountaineers Lead 17-0

Some updates from Aaron, who’s typing on his handheld at the game:

-With eight minutes left in the half, WVU is up 10-0. Not decisive, but not bad. I thought Geno has looked good on half of the offensive possesions. Jock Sanders showed what he’s made of on the key play on the last scoring drive, breaking ankles on a screen pass to put the O in scoring position. Taking a field goal seems like a cop-out, and we have to wonder why Ryan Clarke hasn’t gotten any work inside the 5 yard line. Its almost like Bill Stewart wants to get Devine on the board for the first time.

Other than that, it’s a beautiful day here at Mountaineer Field. I’m so happy football’s back.

-Tavon Austin fumbles the ball through the endzone to turn six Mountaineer points into a Coastal Carolina touchback. This could prove the difference between a dominating first half and a half that leaves the Mountaineer faithful grumbling.

-Well, 10-0. I’d have prefered 24-0. It SHOULD be 24-0, but Tavon fumbled through the endzone and Geno threw an awful pick. Thankfully, Brandon Hogan’s interception bailed out the Mountaineers on the very next play. Bring on the second half, but it looks like the starters are going the whole time.

-A quick and decisive score for WVU with a minute and a half expired in the third quarter. Sanders finds the endzone for the first time, Geno has two touchdowns and one pick. Coastal Carolina driving now.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.