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Penn State Vs. Ohio State First Half Updates: Under 4 Timeout

The Big Ten Network really loves to put giant words up on the screen that describe a player. Kinda feels a little Kindergartenish.

Billy Oliver gets loose inside for Penn State. If the Nittany Lions continue to get contributions from role players, that'll be a very good sign in this game.

David Jackson is really hitting for Penn State at the moment. He's already up to 12 points here in the first half and is leading the Lions offense. He's going to need to keep the hot shooting going for Penn State to pull the upset.

Andrew Jones and Jeff Brooks, on the other hand, have been kind of quiet so far. Both have played important roles in the Lions recent surge, and if they go quiet today, it'll be bad news for Penn State. Both need to pick it up offensively, soon. Penn State can't rely on Billy Oliver and Tim Frazier to carry the scoring forever.

With 3:48 to play in the first half, Penn State continues to lead Ohio State, 27-24.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.