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2011 NFL Draft Order: Seahawks To Pick At No. 25

With the losses of the Seahawks, Ravens, Patriots and Falcons this week, four more spots in the NFL draft order have been solidified. The Patriots get two first-round picks - their own, at No. 28, and one from the Raiders, at No. 17. The Seahawks will pick at No. 25 despite, you know, needing a lot of stuff. I'm sure they're pretty happy with getting to the divisional round of the playoffs, all things considered, but it's a shame for them that the accident that led to their being in the playoffs in the first place has caused them to have to pick in the late first round instead of the middle. Anyway, here is the order so far. Keep in mind that the four remaining teams (the Steelers, Jets, Bears and Falcons) won't have set draft positions until after they exit the playoffs. The Steelers have the best record of the four remaining teams, so the highest they could pick in the draft is No. 30.

1. Panthers

2. Broncos

3. Bills

4. Bengals

5. Cardinals

6. Browns

7. 49ers

8. Titans

9. Cowboys

10. Redskins

11. Texans

12. Vikings

13. Lions

14. Dolphins

15. Rams

16. Jaguars

17. Patriots

18. Chargers

19. Giants

20. Bucs

21. Chiefs

22. Colts

23. Eagles

24. Saints

25. Seahawks

26. Ravens

27. Falcons

28. Patriots

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.