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BCS Rankings Week 10: West Virginia Only Big East School In BCS

The Big East is lacking in the most recent BCS polls, with only West Virginia coming in ranked at No. 24.

The Week 10 BCS rankings have been released and other than West Virginia, the Big East is nowhere to be seen. The Mountaineers come in the rankings at No. 24, just barely edging out Southern Miss. Oddly enough, West Virginia technically isn't even in first place in the Big East - Cincinnati is, because of WVU's loss to Syracuse that bounced the Mountaineers to No. 25 the BCS standings. 

West Virginia is coming off a 41-31 win over Rutgers and can still climb in the BCS, but it's unknown how much. The Mountaineers still need to run through the most difficult part of the Big East before the season's over, with matchups against Pitt, Cincinnati, and South Florida still on the schedule. None of the teams left on their schedule are ranked, however.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.