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Penn State vs. Nebraska: Anthony Fera Misses Field Goal

Penn State wins the toss and receives. On the first play of the game, Matthew McGloin hands off to fullback Joe Suhey. I'm sure an old man somewhere appreciated that. A short run and incomplete pass later, though, and the Nittany Lions are forced to punt.

Nebraska and quarterback Taylor Martinez come out with an incompletion followed by an option run for a loss of one. On third down, however, Martinez hits Tim Marlowe down the middle up close to midfield. The Penn State defense gets two more stops on the following set of downs, however, and on third down, finally forces a punt on an incompletion by Martinez.

After getting the ball back, McGloin hits Justin Brown for a his first completion of the day, a 9-yard hook up. A couple of runs later, and Penn State moves the chains. On third down, McGloin hits Curtis Drake for 31 yards after the ball is tipped. This moves the Lions into Nebraska territory.

Whoa. Plays like that make you wonder...

The drive fizzles out after the big completion, however, and Anthony Fera is forced to come on for a 47-yard field goal attempt. He misses, and with 6:33 left in the first quarter, we're still scoreless here at Beaver Stadium.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.