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Penn State vs. Nebraska: Cornhuskers Take 17-0 Lead

Penn State starts the second half off with a bang as Stephfon Green lays the wood to Nebraska's Kenny Bell on the kickoff. Rex Burkhead gets the first rush of the half and picks up a first down, however, and the Cornhuskers are on the move again.

A false start penalty on 3rd-and-15 on the following set of downs gets the stadium back into a frenzy, and Nathan Stupar stops Bell short on a pass from Taylor Martinez. Penn State will get the ball back.

Silas Redd is back in the game for the Nittany Lions at running back. He looked banged up in the first half, but he's back in there now, and you can bet coach Tom Bradley is happy about that, as he's the biggest offensive weapon this team has.

Penn State breaches Nebraska territory with a nice completion from Matthew McGloin and some runs by Redd, but Nebraska forces and recovers a fumble, the Lions' first turnover of the game, and Penn State's momentum is squashed.

The Huskers take the ball back into Penn State territory with a run by Burkhead and continue to push, now into scoring range, with the dual ground attack of Burkhead and Martinez.

A 17-yard scamper by Martinez gets Nebraska inside the Penn State redzone. He pitches to Rex Burkhead on the following play, who scores on a 14-yard run. With 8:51 to play in the third quarter, Nebraska leads 17-0.

Nebraska scoring summary: 8 plays, 52 yards, 2:54 time of possession. 

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.