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Jerry Sandusky Investigation: Tim Curley, Gary Schultz To Step Down At Penn State

The AP reports that Gary Schultz and Athletic Director Tim Curley of Penn State will step down in the wake of their arrests for perjury and for failing to report allegations that former PSU coach Jerry Sandusky raped a child in a Penn State locker room.

BREAKING NEWS: Penn State board says Curley, Schultz stepping down after allegations of sex abuse scandal, cover-up.

It’s no surprise that the allegations, serious as they are, have forced Curley and Schultz from their posts, but it is perhaps a little surprising that this happened so soon. Penn State president Graham Spanier extended Curley and Schultz his “unconditional support” in a statement Saturday in what looks like a very poor decision on Spanier’s part. However, Spanier's resignation does not appear likely at this time, and PSU apparently is not considering having Joe Paterno step down, either.

Sandusky is accused of using his Penn State affiliation to molest young boys. Curley and Schultz did not report allegations by a graduate assistant that Sandusky raped a boy in a Penn State locker room who appeared to be about 10. Curley and Schultz are scheduled to turn themselves in in Harrisburg on Monday.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.