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Penn State Scandal Press Conference: Joe Paterno Not Currently In The Crosshairs In Jerry Sandusky Case

Here are some details from the attorney general’s press conference Monday afternoon regarding the Penn State scandal. I’m not near a TV and am unable to watch, but this is gleaned from various Twitter feeds, particularly that of the Patriot-News.

The attorney general has repeatedly made clear the distinction between “moral and legal guilt.” The attorney general is saying there are no plans to target Joe Paterno in the investigation, because he met his obligations to tell his superiors at Penn State that a graduate assistant reported seeing Jerry Sandusky raping a child in a PSU locker room.

Here’s one note that’s pretty interesting:

AG: Will have to address “down the line” further implications of officials seeing Sandusky with a child after 2002

What the attorney general seems to be referring to is the allegation in the grand jury report that Sandusky took a child he was abusing to Penn State spring football practices as late as 2007. Given that Paterno had knowledge of the 2002 incident (and would have reason to be alarmed at the sight of Jerry Sandusky at Penn State football practice with a child), one would think he would be one of the “officials” the attorney general would look into, if in fact the state gets curious about that.

The attorney general is looking for the unidentified child who Sandusky allegedly raped at Penn State in 2002, but says the state does not need him to prove the charges against Sandusky, given that a graduate assistant will testify that he saw the crime, and many of the other victims have been identified.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.