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Penn State Paying Tim Curley While On Leave, Will Not Pay Jerry Sandusky's Legal Bills

Penn State spokeswoman Lisa Powers confirmed on Monday night that athletic director Tim Curley is being paid while on administrative leave as he faces criminal charges stemming from the Jerry Sandusky scandal. Curley has been charged with perjury and failure to report, but both he and Gary Schultz, through their attorneys, maintained their innocence on Monday at their arraignment.

In addition to the paid leave for Curley, Schultz will continue to receive retirement compensation which kicked in after his retirement in 2009. While it was reported over the weekend that PSU will cover the legal bills of both Schultz and Curley, Powers went out of her way to note that the university will not cover any legal bills for Sandusky.

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Penn State reported over the weekend that it's paying Schultz's and Curley's legal bills, as the allegations against them concern how they acted as university employees. However, Powers noted Monday, the university is not paying Sandusky's legal bills.

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