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Week 10 NFL Power Rankings: Steelers Fall To No. 9

The Steelers fell to 6-3 with a loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday night, which is almost as bad as the tumble they took in the SB Nation Power Rankings.

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SB Nation just came out with their Week 10 edition of the 2011 NFL Power Rankings, and the Steelers get penalized pretty severely for losing to a really good team. They came into the matchup with the Ravens ranked third, but after their loss on Sunday evening, they've fallen all the way down to No. 9. Here is their rationale.

The Steelers get knocked back for losing to Baltimore on their home field but they're still the Steelers and the Ravens might see them in January.

The Ravens are ranked as the third-best team in football, so I think knocking the Steelers down six spots is a bit drastic, especially considering one of their other two losses is to the same squad. But a loss is a loss and this is a very "what have you done for me lately" power ranking and league.

The biggest story overall from these rankings is the emergence of the NFC. We all know the Packers are the best team in football, but the 49ers come in at No. 2 and the Saints are No. 4. Pretty impressive for a single conference to have that many teams near the top.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.