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NFL Playoff Picture: Ravens Clinch Playoff Berth Along With Steelers

In the late-afternoon games on Sunday, the Baltimore Ravens clinched a playoff berth with losses by the Raiders and Broncos. The loss by the Jets also means both the Steelers and Ravens have clinched at least the fifth seed in the playoffs. The Lions knocked off the Raiders, 28-27, with Matthew Stafford passing for 391 yards and four touchdowns. The Patriots, meanwhile, beat up on the Broncos, 41-23. The Jets lost 45-19 to the Eagles. The Browns lost a meaningless game to the Cardinals in overtime, 20-17.

Here’s a look at the AFC playoff picture as of 7:45 PM Sunday night.

1. Patriots 11-3
2. Ravens 10-3
3. Texans 10-4
4. Broncos 8-6
5. Steelers 10-3
6. Jets 8-6

The Bengals are also 8-6, but it looks like the Jets currently hold the tiebreaker based on strength of victory. Only two playoff spots are up for grabs, as the Pats, Ravens, Steelers and Texans are all now in. The Ravens play Sunday night against the Chargers.

In the NFC, the Packers, 49ers and Saints are all in. Here’s the current seeding.

1. Packers 13-1
2. Saints 11-3
3. 49ers 10-3
4. Cowboys 8-6
5. Falcons 9-5
6. Lions 9-5

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.