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Flyers Vs. Penguins: Jaromir Jagr Returns To Pittsburgh As Member Of Flyers

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After signing with the hated Philadelphia Flyers this Summer, Jaromir Jagr will return to Pittsburgh for the first time on Thursday night.

The Pittsburgh Penguins will host the Philadelphia Flyers tonight in a matchup of inter-state rivals. Not that the two teams' rivalry needed more fuel, but the fire should burn a little bit hotter tonight as Jaromir Jagr returns to Pittsburgh for the first time as a member of the Flyers.

It appeared that Jagr would return to the Penguins this summer, but he ended up signing with the hated Flyers - as if Penguins fans needed another reason to hate him. For some more perspective on why there is so much vitriol in this relationship, read this article by Anthony J. SanFilippo at the Daily Times. Jagr knows there will be some animosity, he just doesn't understand why.

“I just don’t understand one thing when I read it. How, in a situation like that, can there be so much bad attitude and anger from those people? I don’t get it.

And then, once Jagr has taken the ice for the first time and receives the boos and hatred that is sure to come his way, there will be what should be a pretty good hockey game between two competitive teams.

We'll have plenty more on this game in this StoryStream, but you can also check out the SB Nation Hockey Hub for more info. For a view from the other side of the ice, head over to Broad Street Hockey and SB Nation Philly. And as always, for more on the Penguins check out Pensburgh.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.