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Syracuse Vs. Pitt Score: Panthers Up 17-7

Both Pitt and Syracuse added a touchdown in the first quarter and Pitt now leads 17-7.

The big news for Pitt is that Anthony Gonzalez has gotten some snaps as the backup quarterback. Gonzalez, though, hasn’t been doing any throwing. Both times he’s gotten in, he’s run with the ball. The first, though, was a big play as he scored the aforementioned Panthers touchdown.

Gonzalez was actually assumed to be the backup coming out of the Spring, but after a suspension in the offseason, has since been moved to H-back.

This doesn’t necessarily mean he’s being moved from that position as I mentioned that both plays were direct snap running plays. Another reason he may be assuming this role today is that wide receiver Ronald Jones, who typically has run these types of plays, is out with a concussion. But the possibility exists that we could see more of Gonzalez doing these types of plays.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.