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2011 NFL Power Rankings Week 14: Steelers Stand Pat At No. 5

The Pittsburgh Steelers had an impressive win against the Cincinnati Bengals this weekend, but that didn't cause them to move up in the SB Nation Power Rankings.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers had a big win this weekend against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, but that didn't move them up in the latest version of the 2011 NFL Power Rankings from SB Nation. The Steelers are still in the top five, at No. 5 as a matter of fact, behind the Packers, Saints, Ravens and 49ers in that order.

Pittsburgh's schedule ends with the Browns twice along with the Rams. Would 13 wins be enough to top Baltimore in the AFC North?

This is an encouraging place for the Steelers to be. It doesn't matter that they are any higher in the top five, just that they have enough momentum as the Playoffs approach. The Steelers have shown throughout the year, a couple of losses not withstanding, and they deserve this spot in the Top 5.

The schedule that they bring up is a pretty interesting angle. The Steelers could sweep the rest of their games and put a fair amount of pressure on the Ravens in the division, even though Baltimore swept the season series.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.